Kenneth Christensen

Chair and Viola D. Hank Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Photo of Kenneth Christensen

365A Fitzpatrick Hall
574 631-2510

Summary of Activities/Interests

Prof. Christensen’s research expertise is in experimental fluid mechanics, with an emphasis on flows central to a range of energy, environmental and geophysical applications. His current research focuses on turbulence interactions with complex topography encountered in a range of engineering systems, flow interactions and coupling with complex bedforms that form and evolve in both aeolean and subaqueous natural environments, and multi-phase flow within heterogeneous porous structures with application to carbon dioxide sequestration in the geosphere. Central to all of these research efforts is the development and utilization of advanced measurement methods to reveal the underlying physics of these flows for improved modeling and prediction, with the latter accomplished through close collaboration with modelers and computationalists.