FlowPAC Mission

The missions of the Institute are:

1. To provide an organization for larger multi-disciplinary research teams that can be competitive in securing larger external Institute grants. Since many of the large government research programs require collaboration with Industry, part of the Institute's mission is to establish a group of Industry Partners. The Institute holds at least one meeting per year with the Industry Partners to showcase ongoing research efforts, and discuss new research directions and funding opportunities. The Institute produces and distribute research reports, and an annual report.

2. To provide support to foster the diverse efforts of individual PIs in order to maintain a broad base of research over as large a number of agencies as possible. The purpose of this is to allow flexibility to pursue new or developing research areas, and to develop future prospects for larger collaborative efforts. The Institute acts to coordinate the use of facilities and staff for these efforts. Part of the Institute budget is to allocated to provide "seed" money to individuals to develop new promising research as an initial step in acquiring external funding.

In order to meet this mission, the Institute makes use of experiments, computations and theory in all phases. It seeks interactions among researchers within Notre Dame in a variety of disciplines including fluid dynamics, control theory, materials, electronics and computer engineering, and signal processing. It also aggressively seeks industry advisors who can provide intellectual feedback and industrial teaming.